Timer! 1.0

Free timer, countdown and stopwatch app for Symbian


  • Easy to use
  • Includes four time-related functions


  • Lacks features


Timer! is a free app for Symbian phones that offers a quick way to time something. The application can also be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer or alarm.

The user interface of Timer! is very minimalist and though you might think the design is a bit boring, it makes the app very easy to use. In order to start the timer running, you just need to click one button and it will start counting.

There's the possibility to pause the timer once it's running, then reset it. There's also a lap option, but that's not available in this free version of Timer!

The countdown mode in Timer! allows you to program the number of minutes and seconds you want to count down then set it running very easily. There's a choice of four different alarms to choose from.

Timer! is a useful app for newer Symbian devices, that makes it easy to keep track of time.

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